"Check1Two" , consists of Jim Oakum on Guitar / Vocals,  Steven Crowe on Guitar / Keyboards and Joey Politza on drums. They hail from Northeastern, PA. Jim is a highly recognized & respected drummer & guitarist, music instructor, and is currently active as a musician playing drums for the popular Pennsylvania band Deuce. Steven Crowe is also a highly respected guitarist & keyboardist with many years stage & studio experience. He is also an active musician playing keyboards for Deuce as well as actively involved in other projects.  Joey Politza has been playing drums for years and also DJ's on the side. Collectively, they cover a wide variety of cover songs mixed into their set lists, along with their own original music. Currently they are in the process of rehearsing new cover material to keep the set list fresh and exciting, and they just started writing material for an upcoming album.

 "Check1Two" brings years of experience to their live show. Bringing you music that sounds great with a visually pro stage show. They have great interaction with the audience, sometimes figuring out a song on the spot if somebody yells out a request. The audience loves that! 

. Currently, they are rehearsing new material to add to their set list, booking live shows, and they are writing new originals for a debut album to be released later this year. Please check back often and sign up to be on the mailing list!